Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe
Dogs Flip For These!

I haven't met a dog yet that didn't lick his chops when I serve up this yummy Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe.

As I have said before, making homemade dog treats for your dog is really easy.

And you always know what the ingredients are, because you made them yourself.

I have to laugh, every time I open up the Peanut Butter Jar my dogs come running into the kitchen. They sit there very pretty, gazing up with those big brown eyes, hoping and begging that they will get a taste.

And yes, I always give in!

Very few dogs can resist the allure of peanut butter, especially when you have made homemade dog treats with it.

Here's a Few Handy Tips

If you ever have to give your dog a pill, just drench it in peanut butter, and 'voila it gets gobbled down instantly.

And, if your dog is a bit finicky with vegetables, throw some on them too! The strong aroma of peanut butter typically masks other smells and they will eat it.

Regular peanut butter is very high in sugar and isn't good for your dog. I use the All Natural brand for recipes and Kongs, which have no additional sugars added. Chunky or creamy is fine.

You may want to try out recipes that include vegetables and peanut butter which is another great way to get more veggies into your dogs diet.

And why your at it, why not throw in some carob chips into your dog treat recipe. This recipe for Carob Chip Peanut Butter Cups is pretty darn tasty too!

Dogs should never be given chocolate, but carob chips have the same flavor and can be used in dog treat recipes without worry.

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