Halloween Pet Costumes
What’s Your Dog Gonna Beeeeee?

As far as Halloween Pet Costumes, there are a ton of great ones out there that would fit any puppy dog personality.

Far be it from me to be opposed to dog nudity (well, assuming he/she’s good looking, of course).

There are large dog Halloween costumes, small dog costumes, even a pirate dog pet costume

OH! And if that isn’t enough, you can even get Disney Halloween costumes for dogs!

Pet costumes for dogs have become quite popular. In fact it’s not unusual to even see contests of dogs in costumes.

You can even get the same costume for yourself (human type of course) and you can go as a matching pair! 

Whatever costume you choose, have fun with your puppy dog this Halloween.

Always remember to use common sense when dressing up your dog, making sure you get the correct size, he can breathe, see clearly and walk normally.

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Here are some Tips on measuring your pet

for their Costume

Alright, so I always feel that no matter what your doing, you gotta love on your puppy dog and why not do it when your measuring your pet, it’s such a great opportunity to love on your dog and give him all sorts of rubs and scratches . . . . maybe even a treat or two.

Ok so I’m a softie!

When measuring your pet for Halloween Pet Costumes or dog clothes, these are the most commonly used measurements when determining sizing:

Length or Back: Measure from the base of the tail (where it connects to the hindquarters) up to where the collar typically sits at the base of the neck (lowest part), then follow up with a two handed generous back scratch…he’ll like that!

Girth or Chest: Measure at the widest part of their chest (entire circumference, all the way around) at the widest point of your pet’s chest. Now follow-up with lots of hugs and kisses…he’ll like this too!

Neck: Now to start this one, first give plenty of kisses. Then, measure the neck’s circumference (distance around) at the point where the collar sits. This is where the collar would naturally rest.

Finish up all your measurements with big hugs, kisses and belly rubs!

He's Gotta Breathe! Always remember to account for breathing room for your dog and that he is standing when taking measurements so you get accurate results and the best size.

TIP: When ordering Pet Costumes, don't depend on your dogs’ breed because not all dogs are the same.

They all are different body types, weigh in differently and stand at different heights. For example, one Golden Retriever may weigh 85 lbs., while another may weigh 120 lbs.

Also, when ordering Halloween Pet Costumes make sure that you look at the manufactures sizing chart, and if your puppy dogs measurements are between one size and the next size up, always order the bigger size.

Yikes! Some spots are too big!

No problem! You can easily make adjustments if some areas are a bit too big by simply making a quick stitch or using Stitch Witchery, Iron On Fusing,(found at JoAnns, Michaels etc).

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