Puppy Training
Who Says You Can't Have A
Perfectly Trained Puppy?

Puppy Training may seem like a really scary foreign place to venture in to, but here at Love My Puppy Dog I have put together all sorts of information to help you with puppy training so you can enjoy a happy and healthy puppy.

Puppy Training

I've even included tons of FREE Stuff like step-by-step training tips for housebreaking your puppy using the crate training method, A list of the best family dogs, Homemade Dog Biscuit Recipes plus:

*Understanding dog temperaments and behavior

*What is separation anxiety and how to fix it

*What to get before you bring puppy home

*Crate training a puppy

*Basic puppy training tips

*Housebreaking a puppy

*Walking on a leash

... and so much more.

So there's a new puppy in your life eh?(or maybe you're considering getting a new puppy or dog in the future).

Maybe you want to adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter or rescue. Excellent choices by the way, it's so heart warming to know that someone has rescued a puppy or dog and saved a life. Pat yourself on the back! :-)...You dun good.

Check out OUR 2 newest rescues...The Long Hair Girl is Nikki and the short Hair Girl(laying down)is Miss Annie, who by the way has made it very clear that she is the alpha dog, period!

Rescue Dogs

You know, from my own personal experience there really isn't anything more wonderful than having a well-behaved, socialized, trained puppy dog. And well hey, it looks really cool when you’re out on a walk with your puppy walking very nicely on a leash or playing at the dog park.

Puppy Training can be such a wonderful way to develop a close bond between yourself and your puppy and it will stay with him for his entire life.

And a happy dog doesn't chew up your sofa, shoes or carpet either because he knows better.

Any breed of puppy, from Golden Retrievers to Rottweilers, from tea cup dogs to sled dogs, all dogs have the desire and ability to learn. You just need the tools, time and patience to bring it all together. Anyway, I'll bet you have a boatload of questions. After all there is a lot of stuff a new puppy owner needs to know. Like how do I housebreak my puppy, is socializing my puppy important, what in the world is clicker training and what exactly is an Alpha Dog?

Don't sweat it, I have all the answers here.

So if you’re up for all the unconditional love, big puppy eyes, pranks, wet noses, licks and waggy-tail adventures your new puppy has waiting for you, then let's get this show on the road!!

Puppy Training

Puppy training isn't about giving harsh commands and making your puppy work his tail off just to please you. Actually, it's quite the opposite.

Did you know that a dog that works for his pack leader (You) is the most rewarding, happy and fulfilled dog you will ever meet?

The canine instinct has been inbred over thousands of years to do just that, to work for us instinctively. Now that doesn't mean Fido has the insane desire to go out there and pull a cart for his food.

No, instead, it can mean something as simple as a game where your dog brings that slimy, dirty tennis ball back to your hand, catching the freesbie and returning it to you, or maybe it could be fetching your morning paper. What's that you ask? "This is what a puppy calls work?" Well shoot yeah, this is what your puppy considers work, sounds like fun doesn't it?

You see, puppy training should be fun, enriching and a huge bond-building time between you and him.

Puppy Training

Ok ok ok, I suppose we really need to get you on the path of puppy training, so check out the different areas of training on my site and let's get going!

Oh, and if there is something you're interested in and I don't have here, let me know and I'll search out the answers for you and post it and if it's a popular area of interest I would be happy to make it a permanent place on my site.

lovin' my puppy dogs,


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