Don't Mind Us!

Hey there! So nice to see you again!

As you've probably noticed, we look a little, well disjointed, nah that's not the word...... hummmmm well I guess you could say we have a whoooole lotta colors going on! LOL 

No worries, our co-workers; Cooper, Annie, Nikki and myself are working hard to re-design our site and update it in alllllll sorts of ways.

The "co-workers" have spoken so we have a number of great updates annnnnd maybe a few changes coming too......

Check back off and on to see how we're coming along.

It may take a bit cuz my co-workers take a whole lotta of bark breaks and naps!

I gotta talk to the mailman, UPS and FedEx about coming all at the same time

.... it might save some bark time. LOL


The pack Annie, Nikki and Cooper