Establish Yourself As
The Dog Pack Leader

Establishing yourself as the Dog Pack Leader is a crucial step upon bringing your puppy home. You see, in the wild, each pack has a leader,an individual who is dominant over all the pack members, called an "alpha" dog.

Your dog must know that you are the pack leader to maintain order and happiness in your home.

Whether you have just adopted that cute little puppy or an adult dog, you still owe it to them to teach who is the dog pack leader in your home.

As soon as you bring him home you may think every little thing he does, right or wrong is just too cute and you give him all sorts of love but no corrections.

But really, what you're doing is setting up the stage for disaster right off the bat. You may be saying "Ahh but we just got him home, he's just too cute to immediately start reprimanding him!"

Ok, but on the flip side you don't want Brutus to become a spoiled, rotten uncontrollable little brat either, do you?

Dogs actually are masters at learning commands and proper manners, so start as soon as he come home, they really don't mind, they actually like knowing who is boss.

Remember, they came from a pack who had a leader, so they understood the rules & boundaries, it's no different when they come home with you.

Learning to become the dog pack leader, you are teaching your puppy to become a well-adjusted, well-behaved, well-integrated and happy member of your family.

You want your puppy to be obedient and under control when placed in any distracting situation, rather that be at home or away.

When your dog understands that you are the dog pack leader and have everything under control it helps him in all situations.

He will not pull on his leash during walks, he listens to you when you give a command, he will behave properly around other dogs and guests in your home, he learns to respect your possessions, he learns to be less anxious and nervous. He is a happy and content dog because you have established yourself as the dog pack leader, in which he realizes that what you say goes, period!

The Alpha Role, Learning The Pack Mentality

Let's take a look. . .In the wild, dogs live their entire lives within a tightly structured social order of their pack.

They start to learn how the pack's social system works from a very young age.

And as they grow they begin to establish their own place within the pack's dominance hierarchy.

Submissiveness, dominance, leadership, and obeying others are all concepts that are understood by every single dog within a pack.

In order for you to be successful in training and living with your dog, you too must understand and implement these concepts as well.

Each pack has a leader, this individual is dominant over all the pack, what he says goes, period! In the wolf society, this individual is called the "alpha" dog.

This pack leader makes all the decisions and let's the other pack members understand whom they must obey. This is exactly the role YOU must be in your dogs eyes, YOU must be the dog pack leader.

Domestic dogs have a pack mentality, it's hardwired in their genes. If you own a dog, you are now a member of the same pack he is. You must show yourself as the strong one in your dogs eyes.

Remember, there is always a pack leader. If you make sure,that from the minute you bring your dog home he understands completely that YOU are the dog pack leader, then you'll be able to control your dog in any situation.

What A Dog Pack Leader Role Looks Like:

A pack leader. . .

  • Decides where the pack will go.
  • Decides when the pack will eat.
  • Decides who gets what food.
  • Decides when the pack is allowed to play.
  • Decides what the pack is allowed to play with.
  • Decides when they are to sleep.
  • Decides who is allowed to bark and when.
  • Decides how other members of the pack must behave.
  • Decides who owns what.
  • Always walks in the front of the pack.
  • Can take anything away from any member of the pack and claim it as his own without an altercation.
  • Never says he's sorry.

Odd as this may seem to humans, the rest of the pack are never resentful of how all this works.

In fact, all this is normal to them, because as I said before,they are hardwired with this pack instinct.

They always know the pecking order and obey without a fuss.

As humans, we need to display this type of behavior to our dog, so he completely understands who the dog pack leader is.

Your dog will be totally content because his pack is working exactly the way his instincts say it should.

And a happy dog makes a happy owner and happy home!

Click Here and Let's go take a look at how "Mom" handles her pups in the wild.

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