Don't Make The Crate A Prison For Your Puppies!

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Using A Realistic Timeline
For Crating Your Puppies

A realistic timeline for crating your puppy is very important. Younger puppies must not be confined to a crate until they reach a certain age.

In this timeline for crating puppies it's important to understand that a puppy under 4 months old has very little bladder control. Under 3 months old have even less control. And very very young puppies, let say 9 weeks old really shouldn’t be crated at all because they need to go potty much more frequently. Usually 7-12 times or more per day.

Young White Puppies

If you have a very young puppy a large box or clothes basket with tall sides will do for now. Don't forget, that young puppies must be kept warm, so make sure to place a warm blanket under you puppy and keep his bed away from cold drafts.

You sorta have to look at puppy-hood like you would if you just brought home your very own little bundle of joy from the Hospital. An infant certainly can't hold their potty in the beginning, you have to train them too!

Lucky for you though, at least an infant has a diaper on during the training time.

How Long Should You Crate Your Puppy?

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NEVER EVER crate your puppy or dog any longer than
3-5 hrs at a time! PLEASE!

Guidelines For Time Periods When Crating:

9-10 weeks old 20-60 minutes (approx)
11-14 weeks old 1– 3 hours (approx)
15-16 weeks old 3– 4 hours (approx)
17 weeks and over 4– 5 hours (approx)

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